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Why I'm Running

I love Crowley and I believe that in order for our City and our citizens to thrive we must reduce crime and blight to protect the lives and property of our citizens. We must promote economic development that supports business growth and improve the lives of residents by bringing jobs and tax revenue to the City. We have to give the youth of our community opportunities to succeed by promoting education and continuing to provide recreational activities that they can participate in with their peers. Crowley needs a change, and I am ready to lead that change if called by the people to be Mayor. I'm new to government and have served on the City Council representing Ward 4 and all of Crowley for two years now, and have been praying about running for Mayor for the past year. This is not a spur of the moment choice. I believe that I have the experience and knowledge to get things accomplished for our City and the dedication to give the public more than a simple "I'm working on it." I'm willing to make the tough decisions that must be made, and have made them before while working in the labor and professional sectors. Crowley can't afford to go another four years down an uncertain path. I want to build a team of individuals that are passionate about creating actual change within the City. I'm running because I want to give back to the City and bring stability and growth through teamwork. It's time for us to bring Crowley back, together.

Meet Clint

I have always lived in Crowley and graduated from Crowley High School in 1974. My wife Victoria "Torrie" Dubey Cradeur and I have two children: Chase and Chad. Chase is a captain in the U.S. Army; he and his wife Dana have two children, Aubrey and Charlotte. Chad is a Special Needs Teacher and Head Baseball Coach at Crowley High; he and his wife Kai have one child, Cooper. I retired from the oil and gas industry in 2014 after 36 years, working my way up from roustabout to Production Superintendent. Though I started in the field, I have been in a supervisory capacity for most of my career, dealing each year with multi-million-dollar budgets and managing over 100 employees in several divisions and four states. Torrie and I are also past business owners of La Boutique, which for many years was located downtown Crowley. Because I wanted to give back to our community, I ran for Alderman in Ward 4 (South Crowley) unopposed and have served since 2018 as Chairman of the Public Works Committee.